Professional and helpful with clear explanations

Professional and helpful, Wilfred provided clear explanations of what he could do for us and kept us informed of any changes, always reachable or promptly returned our calls when possible.

Kor Kist

Sympathetic, helpful, and reassuring

“Just be yourself, that’s crazy enough.” Sympathetic, helpful, and reassuring. You don’t often deal with these kinds of matters, so having someone guide you through it is very pleasant. And even outside of buying and selling matters, he helped.

Erik Oldenkamp

An exceptional real estate agent

Many thanks to Hemme Makelaardij! Wilfred was an exceptional agent with fantastic connections that made the entire process of buying our new home easier and enjoyable.

Samira Borna

No question is too silly

If you’re looking for a real estate agent, then Hemme Makelaardij is the right place to go! Wilfred is extremely knowledgeable, communicates excellently, and is always available. No question is too silly. Personal attention is taken to the next level with Wilfred. I started my search for a home three years ago as a single person. After countless viewings and rejections, I decided to look for a buyer’s agent. I eventually found Wilfred. Two weeks after our first contact, the offer on my dream home was accepted. At the time of writing, only 1.1% of single people in the Netherlands (source: manage to purchase a home. Thanks to Wilfred, I belong to the 1.1% of singles who have bought a home. Without Wilfred, this would never have been possible. Wilfred, thank you so much for all the time and energy you’ve invested in me. I am eternally grateful to you!

Gaurav Ratan

A fantastic result!

It was a great open communication with a fantastic result: the sale of our apartment. He delivered on what he promised. The distance from his place of residence to ours was not a problem at all.


Friendly and very experienced

Mr. Hemme is a friendly and highly experienced real estate agent. He expresses his honest opinion and expertise regarding the property so that as a buyer, you know exactly if the property fits your desires. Furthermore, he gives you all the space and time you need and helps you efficiently to find your dream home. Both I and family members have bought and sold our homes through Mr. Hemme. Thanks for the excellent service!


Truly exceptional real estate agent

Lisette is truly exceptional as a real estate agent. From the moment I started working with her, I knew I was in good hands. She has this incredible ability to make you feel like you’re her only client, giving you undivided attention and support throughout the entire process. One of Lisette’s greatest strengths is her “take you by your hand” approach. She doesn’t just show you properties; she guides you through each viewing, pointing out both the highlights and potential drawbacks of each place. What I appreciated most about Lisette is her deep understanding of the market. She knows the ins and outs of the real estate world like the back of her hand, and her advice was always spot-on. She took the time to listen to my wishes and preferences, offering tailored recommendations based on her extensive experience. Thanks to Lisette’s expertise and dedication, I was able to find the perfect apartment in Amsterdam in just a month. And I know I’m not the only one who has benefited from her exceptional service. Several of my friends have also turned to Lisette for their real estate needs, and they’ve all had similarly positive experiences. Highly recommend!

Danijela Marceta

Thank you for all the hard work

Wilfred, thank you for all the hard work in finding a rental home. Despite all the frustrations and my impatience, you managed to find something for me. It’s not an easy task in this housing shortage, but you did it! Thanks again!

Elloa Klink

Helped tremendously

Wilfred helped me tremendously with the sale of my house during a tense time in the housing market. He provided me with detailed information about the viewings. Additionally, I could always turn to him with questions or for advice. He took ample time and provided me with honest and sound advice, demonstrating his professional expertise. And ultimately, my house was sold for a very good price. The entire process was in good hands with him. I highly recommend Wilfred!


Highly knowledgeable, communicates excellently, and always reachable

If you’re looking for a real estate agent, then you’ve come to the right place with Hemme Makelaardij! Wilfred is highly knowledgeable, communicates excellently, and is always available. No question is too silly. Personal attention is taken to the next level with Wilfred. I started my search for a home three years ago as a single person. After countless viewings and rejections, I decided to look for a buyer’s agent. I eventually found Wilfred. Two weeks after our first contact, the offer on my dream home was accepted. At the time of writing, only 1.1% of single people in the Netherlands succeed in purchasing a home (source: Thanks to Wilfred, I am among the 1.1% of singles who have bought a home. Without Wilfred, this would never have been possible. Wilfred, thank you very much for all the time and energy you’ve invested in me. I am eternally grateful to you!

Guarav Ratan

We wanted to share our excellent experience

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Wilfred in our quest to find the perfect villa in Eindhoven. We wanted to share our outstanding experience, which was nothing short of extraordinary.

Wilfred’s dedication and unwavering commitment to understanding our needs and preferences set the tone for this incredible journey. What truly stood out was his innovative approach of sending us videos from every property he visited. This allowed us to tour homes virtually and gain comprehensive insights into each one.

Throughout the process, Wilfred’s professionalism and exceptional communication skills kept us well-informed and at ease. He patiently addressed all our questions and provided invaluable advice, making us feel confident with our choices.

In just a few short months, Wilfred helped us discover a breathtaking villa that exceeded our expectations. His dedication to ensuring we found the perfect home was truly remarkable. His service was exceptional in every sense.

As we settle into our new villa, we reflect on the incredible experience of working with Wilfred. His commitment to his clients and his passion for finding the right home are unparalleled.

When the time comes for us to explore the real estate market again, there is no doubt in our minds that we will turn to Wilfred. His expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for his clients make him a standout in the industry.

Thank you, Wilfred, for helping us find our dream home. We are thrilled with the outcome, and it’s all thanks to you.

Alexandra Tachalova

Exactly what we were looking for

When selling our house, we didn’t want to rush into anything. We invited several real estate agents for a discussion, and Wilfred Hemme was exactly what we were looking for: very well-prepared, knowledgeable, experienced, and straight-to-the-point. No slick marketing talk or empty promises. And, importantly, a good sense of humor; selling a house can be stressful enough. The guidance was superb, and we could always rely on him throughout the entire process. Our house was ultimately sold very quickly for a good price. If we ever sell a house again, I know who to call.

Ton Duivenvoorden

Highly recommended!

It went all very well. A nice and very capable man with knowledge and always cheerful. Highly recommended! He is well worth the money so in short: a topper!

Johan Koers

The communication went very smoothly

The communication went very smoothly. A WhatsApp group was created with the real estate agent, where my girlfriend and I are both members. Together, we discussed various houses and went through the entire process. No question was too much, no viewing was too much. Tasks we had were already completed, or there had already been thought about them, and that was immediately explained. Wilfred Hemme is a proactive real estate agent who takes you through the entire process. He thinks along with you, advises you, and also honestly tells you whether something is wise or not. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but it’s really worth every penny.

Jan_Cees Tjepkema

Strongly recommend

Wilfred helped us with arranging everything. We were in very difficult position – family of expats, only one working, and Wilfred managed to find an appropriate apartment for us. He answered all our requests immediately, we could always be in touch. Highly recommend!

Małgorzata Skupińska

Exceptional and amazing service

Exceptional and wonderful service, even considering all the complexities related to finding a house in the Netherlands from abroad (we are from Mexico). Wilfred helped us to sort out all problems and special request from my wife and daughter. Thanks to him, we found an exceptional house with perfect rental conditions. He went above and beyond, even picking us up from the airport and assisting with our twenty pieces of luggage (he kindly invited his friendly girlfriend to help us). I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to find a place to live in the Netherlands, and for all matters related to this.

Teotzin Pruneda

Transparent, patient, and eager to help

I had a great experience by hiring Mr. Wilfred as my consultant. He’s transparent, patient, and eager to help you. I’ve introduced him to my friends as well and they had the similar impression.

Pooria Han

Friendly, involved, and helpful.

Wilfred helped us with the sale of our house and the purchase of a new one. Wilfred is very friendly, involved, and helpful. He is knowledgeable and has an eye for detail. He quickly sees the flaws and benefits of a home. Because of this, he was able to guide us very well through the buying process. Thank you for all your efforts.

Sadaf A

Professional, patient, and very kind

Wilfred assisted us for many months. The search was difficult (we had many criteria + a difficult Amsterdam market), but he has always been professional, patient and very kind. He never gave up until we find what we really wanted. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, the bidding and the buying process went perfectly well. It’s difficult to find the right Makelaar, we fully recommend Wilfred!

Saad Chabbi

Highly recommended! An old school real estate broker

This company is still truly old school. Always available, even at weekends.
Highly recommended. From the first contact to the last contact fine, very satisfied.

Miranda Steur

A fantastic experience

I had the pleasure of working with Wilfred as my real estate agent, and it was a fantastic experience. He helped me find my dream apartment and made the entire process hassle-free. Wilfred’s deep market knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism set him apart. He was always quick to respond, coordinated seamlessly with others involved, and ensured I was well-informed throughout. Thanks to Wilfred, I’m now a proud apartment owner. If you’re looking for a top-notch real estate agent, I highly recommend Wilfred. Thank you, Wilfred!

Percy Taylor

Everything was perfectly and professionally arranged

Wilfred helped me with renting out an apartment in Zwolle. Everything was perfectly and professionally arranged. He responds quickly, even in the evenings and on weekends. I would definitely recommend him!

Claus Van den Berg

I would definitely recommend them

Mr. Hemme and by extension ‘Hemme Makelaardij & Vastgoed Consultancy’ helped and supported us throughout the process of buying our dream house. From the moment we found the house, he took all the necessary steps including checking and evaluating the place, placing right offer and all the paper work afterwards which was a good thing to take them off our shoulders and let a professional worry about them. He would always be available and respond to any question we had in no time. All in all i would definitely recommend them to anybody who has similar needs

Behzad Fazelasi

Helped fantastically

Realtor Wilfred Hemme has done a fantastic job assisting me with the purchase of my new home. Moving from the Randstad to Drenthe is challenging when you’re not familiar with the area. Wilfred has provided me with excellent insights into the possibilities offered by the various villages and areas of Drenthe. This meant that all I had to do was describe the situation I wanted to be in, after which concrete suggestions for houses to view were provided. Our communication throughout this process was always in great cooperation; easy to talk to and no question was too silly. During viewings, having someone like Wilfred by your side is invaluable; he asks the right questions and shows evidence of pre-research, both on the property and similar properties in the area. The bidding process is stressful, but Wilfred, by exuding calmness, consistently instilled confidence that things would work out. And they did! I have now found a wonderful place; exactly the situation I described during our first meeting.

Gerben Robbers

Took the time and provided good advice

Lisette took the time, offered a listening ear, and provided good advice. She is realistic and has knowledge of the market and a large network. I always experienced the communication as very pleasant and truly felt that Lisette was there for me!

Annette Kleine

I experienced it as a very pleasant collaboration

For the sale of my house, I approached Wilfred and experienced it as a very pleasant collaboration. I felt like I was in control, while he did meticulous preparation, kept me informed, and came up with clear proposals. Professional, reliable, and a nice person.

Mevr. Molema

Excellent experience!

I had an excellent experience with Lisette who helped me buy the property initially, and also sell when I unexpectedly had to move out of the country. She was a wealth of market knowledge and also patient in walking me through the process as I was a first-time buyer (and later first-time seller!). Would highly recommend her; she’s fantastic!

Funmi Ogunlusi

Knowledgeable and helpful

Wilfred and Lisette are exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful real estate agents. Thanks to their patience and professionalism, we quickly found our dream home. They provided us with personal attention and reliable advice throughout the entire process. We highly recommend them for any home search!